Interview with the Premier of Quebec

At the beginning of 2018, the Premier of Quebec Philippe Couillard led a large delegation of nearly 200 people to visit China for a second visit. In just one week, Quebec and China reached a number of cooperation agreements, totaling up to 262 million Canadian dollars. He said that Quebec enterprises must succeed in China if they want to succeed in China. The world is changing and China is changing. The way we introduce Quebec in China is also changing. In 2018, the provincial election is near, and the premier of Quebec who has been committed to promoting economic development will welcome the university entrance examination. Greatrust Media interviewed the premier of Quebec Mr. Couillard and asked him to express his views on the future development of China-Canada, China-Quebec, and the upcoming Quebec election.

CCEC Foundation

As a founding member of CCEC, the group became the main sponsor of the evening. In her speech, Ms. An Li, Vice President of the Greatrust Group, expressed her heartfelt congratulations for the creation of the CCEC, and full of confidence in the future development of CCEC. She said the target group is the Chinese and Canadian markets and the North American market, focusing on media, cultural communication, international education and project investments. This year, "Greatrust Media" was launched and its Chinese weekly "North America News", with its public platform WeChat, its complete website, video products and other products and services were put into operation. We work closely with the mainstream media in China and Canada to create an influential Chinese media brand abroad.

2018 China-Canada Tourism Summit

From January 26 to 28, 2018, the "Montreal Tourism and Trade Summit - China-Canada Tourism Year" was held in Montreal. The theme is to explore the possibilities for the full development of Chinese tourism in Canada and to offer multi-faceted services: tourist reception, hotel, group, shopping, transportation, to explore the complementary benefits of tourism Communication and Cooperation. The summit fostered communication and exchange between Chinese and Canadian participants and guests During the forum signing ceremony, representatives from participating companies, including CCEC and Greatrust, signed dozens of cooperation agreements to the resources of scenic sites, the promotion of the media and commercial cooperation.

FINA/CNSG Diving World Series in Montreal

Greatrust cooperated with the organizers to promote the series through various online and offline activities. In addition to generating a large number of ticket revenue, its "North America News" is the official media of the contest, ensuring the follow-up and reporting of events throughout the event.