Omni-media integrated marketing

Relying on our omni-media platform, various advertising channels can improve brand awareness globally, responding quickly and efficiently to the different needs of Greatrust's customers.

With the new social network, and the new technologies of social communication, Greatrust provides marketing solutions in a precise and personalized way.

Brand promotion and planning

Because of Greatrust's best resources, we can personalize and promote effective promotional projects for our clients, help our clients to quickly improve brand recognition and reputation, increase market exposure and combine online and offline activities.

Planning is aimed at events, organize a series of promotions around the brand's appeal, strengthen the positioning of the brand. Greatrust has experience in large event planning organizations to maximize the overall value of service.


Premium Business Visit

The group specializes in premium business visit organizations from China to Canada, offering a range of personalized services with very high quality to its clients.

The group has good political and business resources in Canada, offering customized business visit solutions based on customer needs, which benefit from a unique experience!


Investment project promotion

The Greatrust interactive investment and financing platform rely on partners, private networks and media channels to integrate and promote projects from China and also Canada, to provide professional and quality services.

We will undertake various commercial activities in the Montreal area, including event planning, conference activities, investment in exhibitions, integrated marketing. Greatrust Group has experience in organizing and operating major events, such as the World Diving Series (Montreal Station) and the China-Canada Tourism Summit, providing high-quality services to governments, businesses, and associations in Canada. all levels.